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ISTE Standards in the Classroom - BBEDU 009

October 7, 2018

My latest blog post: Will YOU take the #EDUpodcastchallenge?


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I recently hosted a viewing of the documentary Screenagers. This is a movie about screen addiction and how families  can navigate the world of social media and create healthy balances for everyone in the family between being connected on a screen and connected to the people in front of you.


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Jonathon Lee is an instructional specialist with METC & is a State-wide Technology Support Specialist for the state of MO who hold a variety of educational certifications, including being the world's first ISTE Certified Educator. In our conversation, Jonathon talks about the Midwest Educational Technology Conference, ISTE standards, and ISTE Certification. 

METC Student Innovation Showcase
METC ISTE Standard Certification

ISTE Standards for Students, Teachers, and Administrators

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Jonathon's recommended Twitter follow: Joe Sanfelippo

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The Shukes and Giff podcast is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to when it comes out every other Tuesday.  Check it out and subscribe here