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Video Projects in the Classroom - BBEDU 20

May 12, 2019

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The Edtech Minute


No matter what you are doing in your class, always know and start with the why.


Featured Content


Samantha Hardesty-Knoll is an Instructional Technology Coach in the Wentzville School District in Wentzville, MO. Sam is passionate about giving students an opportunity to create content more often than they consume it.  In our conversation, Sam discusses the Wentzville Film Festival, creating video projects with Apple Clips and We Video, along with some her her favorite video projects for teachers new to facilitating creation and teachers looking to try something brand new. 

Connect with Sam on Twitter @techknoll.



What I'm Learning


Eric Curts' Hipster Google: Tools You've Probably Never Heard of

My favorite new tools from this presentation:

  1. Data GIF Maker
  2. Toontastic
  3. Google Semantris